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Welcome to the Thrive! byDay Podcast! Hosted by: J.J. Day I have created this podcast as a way to connect myself to the outside world, during an on-again-off-again lockdown situation from my little hub in the GTA/Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. MISSION: To help ignite & inspire people to stop suffering & just "surviving" life & to begin finally going after (or finding) their passion & dreams and learn how they can *truly* start to Thrive! I will be sharing personal stories of struggle & bleakness, to turning things around, opening my mind to new philosophies, and rewriting the stories and narratives in my head to put a more positive spin on them. We'll be exploring theories, advice, tips & tricks and interviewing people I consider to be THRIVING guests, people who've inspired me from the Creative Industries, (Film & TV, Music, Online/Digital, Authors, Creators, Designers, Podcasts, Speakers & Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and many, many more people from many more fields and walks of life!) as I am a budding screenwriter and filmmaker+ myself, as well as up-and-comers from my own little world (in-person/virtual), who are kicking up the dust and creating beautiful and inspiring changes in their own lives as well as the communities they live in and connect to. We all have our unique stories, journeys and tales to tell... I'm just here to help spread the messages of hope, love, life and beauty - as defined by each individual. In these last couple of years, we have been put through the wringer! We've been tested, sometimes successful other times, not. We've seen and heard so much negativity and hate come out in pretty much every direction. I want to bring back the positivity, the love and remind everyone that there is still beauty, there is still peace. There is still so much strength left in us and our world, we just have to be willing and open to all of the possibilities and reminded of what it means to be HUMAN. I believe we were created by God & The Universe - they work together, not one or the other separately. God & The Great U do NOT make mistakes, everything we go through is meant to Teach us, Help us, Reveal (to us), Inspire us, (be)Vulnerable and Expand & Excite us! So please, come along on this journey with me! While every episode I will be working within a structure, no two episodes will be the same. I'll be playing with my creativity in this space and letting my imagination and affinity for storytelling to run wild. (The content of the stories will be 100% real & authentic from my life, some names will be altered in honour of privacy of others within the stories, but the delivery and execution will be played with from time to time!) For "juicier/\SUPER real & raw" content be sure to check out my Patreon & private FB communities **COMING SOON** Come and join me each week on Fridays whether during your drive home from work, you're making dinner for your family or just your single-as-a-Pringle self or cleaning your house, car, life, etc.! Enjoy over the weekends and be sure to follow me on the socials & if you like what you hear please share with your friends & fam:-----------------------------------------------------Insta: @thrivebydaypod Twit: @Thrive_byDay web: (FB group, Discord & Patreon to come!)New episode uploaded weekly on Fridays EST. *Guest episodes will be on the last Friday of the month - for now, till I get the hang of this and can get enough guests to come on! Come on, what are you waiting for? Let's Thrive! byDay I'll HEAR ya in there!